Dakota Och Kristen i intervju med gURL

gURL har haft en intervju med Dakota Fanning och Kristen Stewart

gURL:Do you feel like this is your first real adult role?

Dakota: Maybe more so for me than [Kristen]. I've never really done this kind of film before; I've never played this kind of character. I think a lot of people still think of me as being young and being little and I think that in this movie I'm seen a little differently. And that's neat because I obviously want to do this for a long time and play different roles.

gURL:How did you get into your characters? And how'd you prepare to sing in these roles?

Dakota: It was something that I've always been self conscious about and so I was really excited to do it because I knew I couldn't have done it any other way. I just would've felt weird about it. But I wanted to make sure I could do the songs justice because obviously they're so iconic and so well known. So I was really excited that I was able to do it and that Cherie supported me in doing that.

Kristen: Luckily I had Joan [Jett] on set every day and there was a lot of stuff on the internet that you can look at -- a lot of photos, not a lot of footage -- so we really did need Joan and Cherie there. It's just about throwing yourself into something that you don't necessarily know that you can do, but [Joan and Cherie] were sort of in the same boat.

gURL:Kristen, Joan Jett has said that you and she are very similar. Do you agree?

Kristen:I think she thinks we're incredibly similar because I just played her! It's so funny. When we see each other now, I'm pointing out the differences. I'm like, "See? I don't normally do that. I don't normally spit." We definitely have an energy -- I feel like I can really understand her and I feel really comfortable with her, so clearly she understands me and thank god!

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